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Unmatched Cybersecurity Services

We help organizations identify weaknesses & fight daily growing threats, incidents and reduce cybercrime through excellent Cybersecurity services

Cybersecurity Services from Cybersecurity Specialists

We are Cybersecurity specialists providing cybersecurity services since 2009. Hedgehog is a CREST, IASME and NCSC-approved Cyber Security firm. We deliver Cyber Security Consulting, Penetration Testing, Cyber Essentials and 24x7x365 Security Monitoring through our Security Operations Center. The ever-increasing cyber threats, risks and exploits along with the global shortage of Cyber Security experts were the foundation on which Hedgehog Security was established and since has grown to become the major Cyber Security firm in the world.

We offer the following core services:

Cybersecurity Specialists

CREST Approved Penetration Testing

CREST Approved Penetration Testing is our standard. The service is built on 12 years of experience running Penetration Tests for many clients. The Hedgehog differences is that we provide a fully interactive penetration test.

Through our client portal, you can monitor your test in real time, see what the testers are working on, request assets to be retested, accept risks and chat online with the testers. Our Next Generation Penetration Test service puts the client directly in control of their penetration test.

From single web applications and mobile applications, to full PCI-DSS internal infrastructure penetration tests, we have CREST CRT and OSCP qualified, local penetration testers locally who can work on your penetration test projects. Follow along in real time during your test as part of our cybersecurity services.

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CREST Approved Vulnerability Scanning

Our CREST Approved Vulnerability Scanning service is a regulated, vulnerability scanning solutions, designed to uncover known Cyber Security vulnerabilities, risks and weak configurations.

Vulnerability Scanning is an important cybersecurity service for organisations of all sizes and should be performed on a regular basis. We can support daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly scanning, including one off scans.

Each vulnerability scan is consultant-led, with support from our analyst team. Our team will review and validate the findings, removing the false positives and where necessary, enhancing the findings with more data, such as improved remediation details. You can also export the findings as CSV files, integrate the portal into Jira and download PDF reports.

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From Single Projects to Temporary and Virtual CISO

Our cybersecurity service is CREST, IASME and NCSC approved. They’re regulated and delivered by CISSP qualified consultants with more than 10 years of experience to offer a premium cybersecurity service.

Cybersecurity is important for organisations of all sizes, and getting the right advice and guidance is paramount.

Our team of cybersecurity consultants can help you work through any project with Cyber Security elements. From single projects to being your stand in CISO through our virtual CISO service, we are here to assist.

Typical projects we help with include: ISO27001 preparation and certification, PCI-DSS SAQ completion, UK Government PSN IT health checks, Policy writing, Post incident assistance and reporting, Cybersecurity health checks and more.

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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is the Cyber Security foundation program from the UK governments National Cyber Security Center. It is a foundation level of Cyber Security. You complete an online assessment questionnaire which is approved by a senior executive of your business. Upon submission, we will independently review and confirm your responses. If successful, we will award you the requisite certificate and badge to display on your company website.

We provide consulting and accreditation cybersecurity services for Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus, regardless of the size of your organisation. From one person businesses to government departments, we can help you acheive certification.

The cost of Cyber Essentials depends on the size of your business.

We offer three levels of service:

  • Assessment only where you fill out the online questionnaire and we let you know if you pass or fail.
  • Assisted where we will review your submission before you finish, letting you know where you are failing and also giving you practical guidance on how to pass.
  • Managed service where we will monitor and complete all of your Cyber Essentials assessment for you.
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International Caliber Cybersecurity Operations Centre

Hedgehog operates a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week Security Operations Center in Gibraltar, serving clients around the globe. Our SOC is state-of-the-art and ISO certified. It is comprised of uncompromising design, quality, rigorous engineering, and best-in-breed technologies coupled with an elite team of cyber experts to deliver total cyber enforcement and superior technological capability.

With the current issues between Russia and Ukraine, we are not onboarding any new clients to our SOC facility. That is so that our team of cyber analysts can provide SOC support to friends in Ukraine and maintain a heightened level of alert monitoring for all our current clients.

Learn more about SOC as a Service

Cybersecurity Health Check

The Cybersecurity Health Check is the essential tool in establishing a solid foundation upon which to review, renew and improve your Cyber Security footing.

This cybersecurity solution helps you identify your weakest security areas and recommends the appropriate actions to mitigate any potential risks that we discover.

A Cybersecurity Health Check is an essential cybersecuity service that businesses and organisations should undergo every year. Like an MOT for a car, the Cyber Security Health Check identifies issues in your Cyber Security before they become a real problem.

The Cyber Security Health Check will help you identify your weakest security areas, and recommends the appropriate actions to mitigate any potential risks that we discover. It will also provide you with a detailed report describing your current cyber risk status and will leverage best practices, like ISO 27001, CIS 20 Critical Controls and NCSC guidance.

The report provides recommendations for reducing your overall cybersecurity risk footprint and tightening your current controls with existing technology. The health check helps you to uncover your Cyber Security weak spots before the attackers do and can help you identify your weakest security areas.

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Talk To Cybersecurity Specialists

Book a free consultation with one of our security specialists to discuss your current concerns or security services requirements.

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Cyber Security Consulting

Penetration Testing

SOC as a Service

Cyber Essentials

Vulnerability Scanning

What our clients have said

We work with many organisations, businesses and brands, both locally and globally, providing cybersecurity services. We strive to deliver a first-class service to all our clients and seek to continuously improve what we do.

This is what some of our clients have said about why they enjoyed working with us.

Peter and his exceptional team of ethical hackers transformed our business from just another network waiting to get hacked into a secure operation that gained us the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation. We were the first in Gibraltar to hold the certification outside of the Cyber Security sector and have maintained our compliance year on year. I can not recommend Hedgehog enough.

David Evans, Masbro Insurance
Peter was a pleasure to work with during his time with me. A highly talented operative with more passion and drive within him than you would see in a group of senior executives. His no holds barred approach got the right results every time and helped produce one of the most secure perimeters we ever had. To this day, his work remains the foundation of our border protection. He was always courteous and kind and showed the potential to be an excellent manager and CISO of any organisation.
John Sharpe, Petrolium Industries
I had the pleasure of working with Peter Bassill at Gala Coral Group in his role as CISO. He is an exceptionally knowledgeable person (from both technical and business perspectives) with excellent communication skills which makes him one of the best Information Security Officers around. I would welcome the opportunity to work with and for him again if the opportunity arose and would not hesitate to recommend him for any IT security-related work.
Khuram Iftikhar, Goldman Sachs
I worked with Peter on a very challenging project and was extremely impressed by his dedication to getting the issues resolved. His ability to come up with a solution while under extreme pressure is something I realized quickly and I will definitely appreciate his technical input when I am in a bind in the future.
Michael Reynolds, Aruba Networks
Peter is a total Internet Security guru! He can detect a threat to a website a mile off and I have never known him not to get right to the bottom of a security risk. Despite being one of the busiest people in Gala Coral, Peter was always happy to help out with any concerns, queries or requests I had concerning Casino or Games security issues. He always resolved whatever had gone wrong within hours and would always report back to let me know what had been done and what action I needed to take. He is incredibly committed to his work and would be an asset to any company.
Louise Curtis, Daily Telegraph

Peter has been a fantastic partner/customer/advisor/anything else someone could be for me and Rapid7 since I met him a few years ago. His depth of knowledge and understanding of what’s actually important in the security space & how to relate it to the business would make him a fantastic addition to any organisations IT/Executive group.

Jason Pitzen, Rapid7

In my work with Peter, he has shown himself to be an excellent technician and troubleshooter. His wealth of knowledge of low-level network protocols combined with his in-depth architectural knowledge makes for a very effective troubleshooter. As a team leader Peter is happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with his team on the front line, gaining both the respect of his team and insight into day-to-day operations.

A. Gardner, Government of Australia

An excellent experience for the penetration test we had on some of our legacy web applications. The team quickly identified issues that had been previously missed and were able to give us some excellent proactive measures to fix these. I would highly recommend their penetration testing services.

Giles Lovelace, British Broadcasting Corporation
Peter is a rare breed of individual who (like me) have a unique combination of heavy technical skills coupled with excellent managerial and other soft skills that make him a prize for any company. The brief time I worked with Peter was great fun. He is very practical but does not give in to any argument if he knows he is in the right. Brilliant person. Highly Recommended.
Amar Singh, Cyber Management Alliance

Mr Bassill, an individual with whom I’ve been proud to have been in contact for approx. fourteen years. As a highly accomplished, industry-recognised CISO, I am reliably informed, by numerous others who operate at his level, that his provision of high calibre advisory services is based upon his depth and breadth of technical skill-set combined with significant management and leadership capabilities. He has also, for many years, struck me, for what it’s worth as both a caring individual and a very decent chap.

William Scurr, CyberSec Recruitment

We have used Hedgehogs services for 7 years now. Always professional and leading in the field of Cyber Security, I have never looked back. Over the years they have regularly provided top-tier penetration testing and cyber security consulting. I look forward to the next 7 years with them.

Maurice Whittaker, The Welding Institute

I so enjoyed Peter as a member of my Chief Information Security Officer Council at Microsoft Ltd UK. He always provided a unique insight into IT security issues of import to many global companies who were also members. A respected and senior member of the IT community, Peter stands out as honourable and the person you would want on your side.

Edward Gibson, Microsoft

Insights from our Cybersecurity Specialists

Cyber Security Insights is our team blog. We aim to post at least every week, if not more often so why not catch up with the latest news from Cyber Space. We will also post about new recruitment opportunities here too.

Cybersecurity Services Certification

Hedgehog Security places great emphasis on the quality, reliability, and security of the services it offers. We are fully regulated for the delivery of cybersecurity services by CREST, the Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers and are authorised to deliver Cyber Security Consulting along with Penetration TestingVulnerability Scanning and IT Health Checks.

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