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We believe that we exist to secure the connected and grant the opportunity of a better online life.

To that end, every member of our team strives to help bring improved security to the world.

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Penetration Testing, also know as pen testing or ethical hacking, is the systematic process of discovering security weaknesses within people, process and technology, but predominantly focused on technology solutions and deployments.

Penetration Testing is essentially a controlled form of hacking following a set of rules called a methodology. During a penetration test the attackers, played by the penetration testers, act on your behalf to find and test weaknesses that criminals or people with malicious intent could exploit.

At the end of every engagement there is a Penetration Test Report which is delivered to you. The report details what was done, what was found and what should be done to fix the identified security weaknesses. These may be:

  • Poor or improper configuration settings
  • Known or previously unknown software or hardware flaws
  • Operational weaknesses within business processes or technical controls.
Our Penetration Tester are security professionals who spend 25% of their year researching new techniques, understanding the latest attacks and keeping up their professional qualifications. They use their skills honed within this time to minic the techniques used by criminals without causing you damage so that together we can address the security weaknesses in your organisation.



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