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The roles of today’s security professionals and software developers have become multidimensional. With their increased responsibilities, they must do more in less time, all while keeping applications secure. Web application security testing is an essential part of mobile application development, but what if your team lacks the resources or skills to perform this specialised task effectively across your full web application portfolio? Hedgehogs WAPT service enables you to implement client-side code, server-side code, and third-party library analysis quickly so you can systematically find and fix security vulnerabilities in your mobile applications, without the need for source code.


Web application penetration testing involves expert penetration testers following a rigorous methodology to determine the overall security posture of a given application. Put simply, these experts replicate the threat posed by an array of threat actors of all sophistication levels. They will be able to determine the resilience level of your mobile application to these different threat actors. Where gaps in security are identified, you’ll be told in easy to understand terms what the impact is and – more importantly – how to remediate the problem. Where positive security controls are identified, an in-depth mobile application penetration test will tell you about that, too, so that you can keep on doing those things, safe in the knowledge that you’re doing things the right way.

There are many groups that benefit from a mobile application penetration test:

  • Developers gain assurance that their product is safe and secure for their customers.
  • Organisations gain assurance that a given mobile application is safe to introduce to their enterprise environment.
  • Users feel safer with the knowledge that a mobile security test has taken place, which in turn allows them to confidently use the application.

Our testing brings these key benefits to your Mobile Application development strategy:

Flexibility: Our on-demand, easy-to-use portal empowers you to manage your assessments. Schedule tests, set the desired depth of testing, and make modifications as business requirements change and threats evolve.
Coverage: Test mobile applications you might miss owing to resource constraints.
Consistency: Get the same high-quality MAPT results all the time for any mobile application.
Enablement: We walk you through your test results and help you develop a remediation plan best suited to your needs.
Comprehensiveness: Our blended manual and tool-based assessment uses the OWASP methodology and includes a thorough analysis of results, detailed reporting, and actionable remediation guidance.

Put simply, a high-quality mobile application penetration test tells you what a mobile application is doing right and what it’s doing wrong in terms of its cyber security posture.

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There are many ways in which a web application can achieve or fail when it comes to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of a system and its data. Web app penetration testing will uncover the good and the bad when it comes to this cybersecurity posture.
Experts who know what attackers know, will use those same techniques against the web application. The well-known OWASP Foundation lists ten commonly found areas of weakness in mobile applications. These, and more, are all examined during a mobile application penetration test:

This occurs with the violation of published guidelines, the violation of convention and unintentional misuse. For example, an application that requires permissions surplus to its functional requirements likely increases risk.

Imagine a scenario where sensitive data is inadvertently cloud synced to a location that has open access to the public. This would represent high risk for the confidentiality of that data.

Most applications transmit sensitive data, and failure to ensure robust encryption in transit puts that data at risk of unauthorized access.

Some applications fail to implement any kind of authentication mechanism, or more commonly, implement a flawed authentication mechanism. A web based banking application without strong authentication could allow an attacker to access and interact with an account they do not own.

This is where some encryption attempt is made, but a flaw in its implementation means that the data is not fully protected. Thus, an attacker may be able to access or manipulate data that is supposed to be unreadable to them.

Assuming authentication to the web application has occurred, flaws in authorization could result in one user being able to access another user’s data or functionality.

This occurs typically when the web application  has been rapidly developed and ends up being affected by poor code quality. There is typically some security impact, and the web application becomes the source of a breach.

It is not uncommon for applications to include hidden or undocumented functionality that was not designed to make its way into production environment. Such functionality typically reduces the overall security posture of the web application.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it does give you an idea of the types of vulnerability that can be identified in a web application during a penetration test.

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For Bloggers

Check your blog's security
£ 450 +VAT
  • Basic Blog (WordPress etc)
  • Up to 10 pages
  • OWASP Top 10 Checks
  • Any hosted environment
  • Test Certificate Included

Simple Web App

Basic Websites & Apps
£ 950 +VAT
  • Full OWASP Testing
  • Up to 10 pages
  • Advanced Blog Testing
  • Single User Profile Testing
  • Test Certificate Included

Web App

Business Web Applications
£ 2250 +VAT
  • CREST Approved
  • Full OWASP Testing
  • Up to 25 pages
  • Up to 3 User Profiles
  • Test Certificate Included

Web App Plus

More advanced Applications
£ 3500 +VAT
  • Everything from Web App
  • Testing Shopping Cart
  • Up to 50 pages
  • Testing Workflows
  • Suitable for PCI-DSS

Threats for 2020

  • Unauthorised Access
  • Insecure Interfaces and API's
  • Misconfiguration
  • Account Hijacking
  • Data Leakage
  • Malicious Insiders
  • Malware

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Our team consists of OSCP and CREST CRT certified experts. Our experienced consultants frequently publish research on all aspects of Penetration Testing.

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