and Cyber Essentials

Penetration Testing

The world is drowning in a sea of security mediocry, where being OK is ok. We test hard, so you can trade easily.



Cloud Services Penetration Testing

Cloud Services

Infrastructure Penetration Testing


Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Applications

SCADA Penetration Testing by Hedgehog Security


Web Application Penetration Testing

Web Applications

Wireless Penetration Testing


Cyber Consulting


New for 2020 is our Cyber Security School. All online and at a price point that all can approve, we have courses available such as:

  • Annual Security Awareness
  • Data Protection for Business People
  • Infosec for IT Teams


Ever wanted to pass the ISO27001 audit with zero stress? We believe that the standard is a base grounding of security for all businesses and our audit preparation service, while a tough six week process in itself, sets you up for success.

Continual Cyber Assurance

Originally called vCISO, our CCA service provides you with a complete Information Security function for your business. Led by a named CISO, you have at you disposal an Information Security Officer and a team of technical gurus.

Cyber Essentials

We are different from the other 1000(ish) certification bodies. We can get anyone through the certification, even if we have to do all the work ourselves.

Vulnerability Scanning

Cyber Essentials University

Access the training.

Cyber Essentials by Hedgehog Security

Cyber Essentials Certification

The first step.

Cyber Essentials Plus by Hedgehog Security

Cyber Essentials PLus Certification

The second step

Vulnerability Scanning

Hedgehog Security Services

Vulnerability Management Service

Ever wanted a vulnerability management service that does exactly what is says? We do that! 

From detection to remediation, we will identify the vulnerabilities and fix them, so you don’t have to. We can deploy a physical or virtual scanner within your environment, or scan purely your external devices from out cloud network. Combining both, we can ensure 100% coverage.


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