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PCI-DSS SAQ Service, Simple, Easy and Painless.

PCI-DSS SAQ Service, Simple, Easy and Painless.

The Payment Card Industries Data Security Standard requires all level 3 and 4 merchants to complete a SAQ, a Self Assessment Questionnaire. Many merchants find these daunting, full of compliance, regulatory and technical terminology that are confusing to the business owner. Hedgehog can help.

Our SAQ service provides experienced staff to help you through the answering of the SAQ, helping you acheive your PCI-DSS compliance is significantly less time.

1. Get expert help with completing the SAQ Identify your gaps in compliance and find quick and simple ways to fill these gaps
2. Get guidance and help in implementing controls to meet compliance
3. Access help in handling your security and log monitoring needs.

  • PCI DSS SAQ validation and support
  • Identifying the appropriate SAQ to complete.
  • Reviewing the processing and flow of cardholder data through systems and processes.
  • Assessing any third-party or service provider dependencies.
  • Reviewing the relevant policies and procedures that have been implemented.
  • Support developing PCI policies and procedures if required.
  • Vulnerability scans and penetration testing, if needed.
  • Completing the Attestation of Compliance (AOC).
  • Maintenance and management of the cardholder data environment (CDE), if required.

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