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Live Online Cyber Security Consulting

Live Online Cyber Security Consulting

Our Live Online Cyber Security Consultancy service gives you access to a seasoned CISO by the hour. We can provide the support you need quickly and cost-effectively using a combination of GoToMeeting, Zoom and Discord.


With our Live Online Cyber Security Consultancy, you can get pretty much anything in the sphere of Cyber Security performed. Some common examples include:

  • Access seasoned CISO's and our highly experienced penetration testers to help manage your governance, risk and compliance strategy and budget, and review your risks and regulatory programmes;
  • Guiding and assisting with Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification preparations
  • Review mitigation changes, check security fixes and get analysis of specific vulnerabilities'
  • Steer your data governance strategy; and
  • Use the service as a virtual member of your security team.

Our service offering

    Live Online Cyber Security Consultancy enables you to purchase consultancy support by the hour. We then deliver the consultancy support you need by combining email, live chat, telephone, GoToMeeting, Zoom and Webex. Whichever works best for you. 

    Support provided across ISO 27001, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and data protection, the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), cybersecurity, Cyber Essentials, business continuity and the other issues that organisations face, including but not limited to:


    • Management system or PCI DSS project scoping.
    • The interrelation between controls and standards and remote working.
    • ISMS (information security management system) project team selection and tasking.
    • Credit card security and the PCI DSS.
    • PCI DSS SAQs (self-assessment questionnaires).
    • Cyber Essentials controls.
    • Risk management – choosing tools, identifying asset owners, assessing threats and vulnerabilities, selecting controls, and developing the Statement of Applicability and risk treatment plans.
    • Policy design and documentation.

    Why choose us?

    • You receive an expert, independent view of your risk, compliance and security programmes.
    • We offer unique, immediately available consultant support.
    • We provide cost-effective support delivered by the hour.

    How it works

    1. Purchase the number of hours’ consultancy support required in one-hour units.
    2. Once purchased, we will contact you by email to schedule a consultant call.
    3. Depending on the issue, we may request additional information before your appointment.
    4. Any time spent by the consultant is tracked, enabling you to use the service until your purchased block of time is fully utilised.
    5. All our consultancy services are delivered under the terms of our mutual confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

    COVID-19: remote delivery options

    We want to reassure all of our clients that we remain fully operational during the current COVID-19 situation. Hedgehog fully embraces flexible and remote working. We adjust our delivery methods to provide consultancy services, penetration tests, and training remotely where necessary.

    Why choose Hedgehog

    We only use experienced penetration testers to carried out clients penetration tests. Our penetration testers have the necessary technical skill set, qualifications and industry experience. They have the strong technical knowledge and proven track record needed to enable a successful penetration test. Our testers can carry out safe exploitation of applications and systems, advising on the appropriate mitigation measures required to ensure that your systems are secure.

    Our CREST-certified penetration testing team will provide you with clarity, technical expertise and peace of mind. Our experienced testers will have reviewed your scoped environment, tested it to the fullest during the time permitted and will provide you with a detailed report.

    We perform a high number of Azure-based penetration tests. All of our penetration tests comply with the Microsoft Rules of Engagement. We appropriately limit all penetration tests, ensuring only your assets are touched, avoiding unintended consequences to your customers or your infrastructure.

    Contact Us

    Ask us a question, any question at all. As long as it has to do with Information Security / Cyber Security, we will get back to you with an answer.