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Cyber security for any size of business
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Make every area of ​​your business cyber resilient.

As your company expands, both internally and externally, we will work with you to improve your resilience to cyber threats. We offer both offensive and defensive services, to proactively defend you against attacks. We have multiple industry specific scenarios for both sides of the Cyber Security coin that will ultimately prepare you for when you are attacked hard. Only then will you have the confidence of knowing that your company is safe.

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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is the Government-backed, industry supported foundation for basic cyber security hygiene. The Scheme has been carefully designed to guide organisations of any size in protecting themselves against cyber threats.

Rapid turn-around

Cost effective, simple and hassle-free

Real support from a CISO

Pre-Submission Checks

Custom-built from the ground up. Just for you.

Cyber Security Consulting

Being the first ever company to offer a vCISO service (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer), we have often been copied but never surpassed. Our team of CISOs are here 24×7 to assist in everything from writing policies to implementing full ISO27001 programs.

Our team are also available to step into your business for short, medium and long term to bridge any skills shortages or to run your Information Security Office.

Join over 2,000+ happy customers

Penetration Testing

Our penetration tests leverage deep knowledge of attacker’s behaviours and methods. We use the same tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs). Every test is custom built to every client’s needs and requirements. We assess specific aspects of the security program and the state of security of systems, networks and applications within the scope.

We set modern, realistic goals for our talented penetration testers to attempt to achieve. These are the same goals that actual attackers would have in place to justify their time and investment in their attacks.

Know whether your critical assets are at risk

Get realistic findings and comprehensive recommendations

Identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities before an attack can exploit them

Understand how the most sophisticated attackers operate based on intelligence gained over 10 years of being in business

Join over 2,000+ happy customers


[secure] was built with the business owner, not the IT professional, in mind. [secure] helps all businesses achieve a base level of cyber security and frees them up to run their business.

We find the issues, and then fix them for you

Cost effective and affordable for all businesses

Achieve Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus with the minimum of fuss

Track your progress and see the improvements over time.

Why choose Hedgehog Cyber Security?

Cyber Security for any size of business

CREST member company

Team of friendly certified experts

What our happy customers say...

I so enjoyed Peter as a member of my Chief Information Security Officer Council at Microsoft Ltd UK. He always provided a unique insight into IT security issues of import to many global companies who were also members. A respected and senior member of the IT community, Peter and his business stands out as honourable and are the people you would want on your side.

Edward P. Gibson, Microsoft

What our happy customers say...

We have used Hedgehog’s services for 7 years now. Always professional and leading in the field of Cyber Security, I have never looked back. Over the years they have regularly provided top tier penetration testing and cyber security consulting. I look forward to the next 7 years with them.

Maurice Whittaker, TWI

What our happy customers say...

Peter and his company, Hedgehog Security, has been a fantastic partner/customer/advisor/anything else someone could be for me and Rapid7 sense I met him a few years ago. Their collective depth of knowledge and understanding of what's actually important in the security space & how to relate it to the business would make them a fantastic addition to any organisations IT/Executive group.

Jason PItzen, Rapid7

What our happy customers say...

I original met Peter at an event where he was the guest speaker at a hacking workshop hosted by a supplier of ours. I knew from that moment I would work with him on many projects going forward. What Peter didn't know about gaining access to an organisations "crown jewels" wasn't worth knowing. He was instantly recommended by me to our then Head of IT at Towry and we proceeded to buy into everything Pete had to offer. A trusted partner and advisor whom I'd have no problem recommending to people who need to protect valuable data within their organisation.

Michael Golding, Towry

What our happy customers say...

Peter is a total Internet Security guru! He can detect a threat to a website a mile off and I have never known him not to get right to the bottom of a security risk. Despite being one of the busiest people, Peter was always happy to help out with any concerns, queries or requests I had concerning security issues. He always resolved whatever had gone wrong within hours, and would always report back to let me know what had been done and what action I needed to take. He and his company are incredibly committed to their work and are a force for good for any company.

Louise, The Telegraph

What our happy customers say...

I worked with Hedgehog on a very challenging project and was extremely impressed by their dedication to get the issues resolved. Hedgehog’s ability to come up with solutions while under extreme pressure is something I realised quickly and I will definitely appreciate their technical input when I am in a bind in the future.

Michael Reynolds, Aruba Networks

What our happy customers say...

Peter is a rare breed of individuals who (like me) have a unique combination of heavy technical skills coupled with excellent managerial and other soft skills that make him a prize for any company. The brief time I worked with Hedgehog was great fun. Peter and his team are very practical but does not give in to any argument if they knows they are in the right. Brilliant person, brilliant company. Highly Recommended.

Amar Singh, Cyber Management Alliance

What our happy customers say...

I worked closely with Peter and his fledgling company during a core network upgrade and found him to be a source of solid knowledge as well as a reliable, dedicated member of the team. The work carried out has proved very robust over the past year.

Duncan Reddish, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

What our happy customers say...

Hedgehogs approach focusses solely on doing what is best for the company as a whole. Completely professional, I always knew I could count on their support and advice when working on any project. A real benefit to the team, and Peter is a guy I hope to work with again in the future.

Alec, CEO Sapphire

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