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Our Team

Our Team is the heart and soul of our business.

The Hedgehog Cyber Security Team

Our Team is the heart and soul of our business. We don't think of ourselves as Staff or Employees, rather a Family. We spend much time together and enjoy annual summer holidays and winter sun breaks together. Snow breaks at DefCamp, Beer breaks at BruCon and tech breaks at DunWorking.

Being part of the Team at Hedgehog means Family.

Our Management Team

Peter Bassill


After more than 27 years in the industry, I own pretty much all the t-shirts. I work remotely and enjoy the digitally nomadic lifestyle. I am a father to twins, a husband to a hospital doctor and fanatical about Cyber Security.

Jo Barlow

Finance Director

I run the financial side of the business but at times I am the glue that binds us. My biggest challenge was working with Peter in transforming Hedgehog to where it is now, and surviving the cold weather in the countryside.


Sales Manager

I moved over to Hedgehog late spring in 2021 and have not looked back.
I love working in sales and having the opportunity to run the sales effort at Hedgehog is truly invigorating.


Marketing Director

Sarah and her team at GameOn manage all of the marketing, SEO and PR for Hedgehog. Sarah has been with us since 2015.

Our Penetration Testers



I have been testing and finding security issues in systems since 1995. Mostly I am working on the small maritime vessel cyber security project with a number of major manufacturers but I still get involved with day to day pentesting.

Specialist Areas:
IoT, Control Systems, Maritime, eBikes



I am responsible for clients compliance with SOX, PCI-DSS and other standards. I am part of the research team and have been with Hedgehog since 2012.
I live in Japan and share Peter's love of cars.

Specialist Areas:
Satellite, IoT, API, Web Apps, SCADA


Test Team Leader

I am Woody. I joined Hedgehog to follow my passion for breaking things and making them better. I now lead the penetration testing team at Hedgehog. Otherwise it's walking my doggo and the gym.

Specialist Areas:
Infrastructure, VPN, Web Apps



It took me 14 years to realise I was in the wrong job. Since joining the Hedgehog family I haven't looked back, I even got a proper hat. My job at Hedgehog is as a Pentester but when I am not working I jump out of perfectly good aircraft with a tiny parachute.

Specialist Areas:
API, Web Apps, Infrastructure


Sysadmin & Pentester

I knew Peter a long long time so the move over to Hedgehog was an obvious one. My daily challenge now is to out geek the biggest geeks on the planet and keep our secure systems secure enough to keep the team out.

Specialist Areas:
Linux, VPN, BYoD


Junior Pentester

Being the new gal in the firm might feel a little intimidating but the Hedgehog family is great. My passion and my job are both now in pentesting and I cant wait to build up my experience and become a fully qualified "hogger".

Specialist Areas:
Web Apps, Infrastructure, API, Social Engineering, Phishing


Trainee Pentester

I joined Hedgehog in 2020 as an interim service desk analyst and have since landed my dream role converting my knowledge to Pentesting. Outside of pentesting, I can be found on the skateboard ramps around Andalucia, Spain.

Specialist Areas:
Social Engineering, OSINT


Trainee Pentester

I met Peter through his BSides conference talks and over three years wore him down and engineered my way into the intern role.
Very excited to be in the role and knowing that nothing is the same week to week keeps my interest very high.

Specialist Areas:

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