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Hedgehog's Data Breach Search Engine

Welcome to out Data Breach Search engine. This is a free service offered to all internet users. You can use this service to search for you email address or your domain name and see if they are listed in any of the data breach dumps that we have access to.

At present we have just shy of 2TB of data in our breach database that we continuously use on client engagements. We collect this data from every data-breach and data dump that is placed on the internet and on the "darkweb" for people to access. We have augmented this large volume of data with other external services to ensure that we have one of the largest coverings of breach data available.

We thought this may prove useful for you to access. 

Please note, we do NOT provide access to passwords in any form what so ever. For domain searches, we will not list out the identities we are aware of. All we will list is which data breach / dump that the match was identified in.

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