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Cyber Security Internship at Hedgehog

Cyber security internships offer a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the highly competitive field of penetration testing and cyber security consulting. Our interns will gain a glimpse into the worlds of threat intelligence, cyber security, penetration testing and digital marketing while developing the key competencies required for success.

Our internship is unique, and interns can gain experience in a wide variety of niche areas within the cyber security field, from threat intelligence, systems analysis, system development, digital marketing and penetration testing.

We only accept the most ambitious and curious souls. Our internships are both remote and in-person with an extremely steep learning curve. From day one you will be seriously challenged.

What are the benefits of a cyber security internship?

When it comes to pursuing a career in a competitive field like intelligence, there’s nothing more important than hands-on experience. Cyber security is an exciting, ever-changing field that requires professionals to be adaptable, quick-learning, and able to master the very latest technologies. Our placements offer complete immersion into this unique world, and equip interns with foundational skills and a broad understanding of the field.

Cyber security internships are also a chance to build a network in the industry. After all, in a field as competitive as this, it’s not just what you know, but who you know. Interns build relationships with experts in their fields, as well as other interns on the program. In addition to mentors and co-workers in placements, interns expand their professional web through carefully-constructed program elements including a keynote speaker series and various networking events.

What training will I receive?

Every intern starts from a different skills position and your first couple of weeks is spent doing various assessments so that the mentor team can best identify what you training needs to be. Having said that, there is a general set of skills that we focus on. There are our nine core modules:

  1. Personal accountability, and the laws of Cyber Security
  2. Cybersecurity risk
  3. Identifying and classifying threats
  4. Identifying important business systems and assets
  5. Understanding Technology
  6. Cyber Security and the law
  7. Threat Assessments and Threat Intelligence
  8. The 7 pillars of Cybersecurity
  9. Penetration Testing

How does the cybersecurity internship training work?

Your training will be 50% in person training with your mentor and 30% online in our Cyber Security University. The remaining 20% is spend in our CTF lab where you will have the time and mental freedom to explore and find as many vulnerabilities and flags as possible.

How long is the cybersecurity internship ?

The length of the internship is typically twenty-four months. During that time you will cover all of the nine modules of training along with the prescribed training my your mentors. For many, the internship takes the full twenty-four months but some have completed it in as few as nine months. It really depends on your drive, dedicate and work ethic.

You will know you are reaching the culmination of the cyber security internship when your mentor shadows your on three consecutive penetration tests and your results, findings and your documented report is very similar to what your mentor has. The ultimate test is when you can submit a test report into the peer review and quality assurance process and no issues are identified.

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