by peter


Once the penetration test is complete, you should receive pen test documentation in a report or deliverable detailing all of the findings, recommendations, and supporting evidence. The deliverable should clearly document the scope and boundaries of the engagement as well as the dates the pen testing was performed. Additionally, all detailed findings should be included in their technical format as well as summarized for non-technical audiences. The report should include:

    • Detailed recommendations for improvements that clearly document observed vulnerabilities
    • A discussion of the potential business impacts from identified vulnerabilities
  • Specific instructions for remediating, including instructional references where appropriate
  • Supporting evidence and examples
  • A step-by-step and screen-by-screen walkthrough demonstrating any exploits to allow an organization to understand and reproduce the scenario
  • Executive and summary reports for non-technical audiences

Oftentimes, a separate deliverable is needed that is suitable for consumption by third parties seeking attestation that a network penetration test was performed. A qualified penetration test provider prepares these documents as part of the process when requested by an organization. All deliverables should be of high quality and reviewed with the customer to validate accuracy and ensure recommendations are well understood.