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Share got in touch and asked Peter some great questions about “Can online casinos be hacked?” Over the years that have been a lot of casinos operating online have been hacked, but it is the smaller operators that tend to be the ones hit hardest. You can read one of our articles on a recent breach here.

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Can online casinos be hacked?

This is a common question among online casino players in the UK but is a question that feels has never been properly answered.

All slot sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission must have certain protocols in place and deploy specific technologies to ensure they cannot be breached by hackers or cyber criminals.

This includes using powerful SSL encryptions and state-the-art-firewalls alongside best practice cyber security systems and processes.

But the question still remains whether these technologies and processes are enough to fend off cunning cyber criminals whose attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

You can read the whole article we did with FindMyUKCasino here.

How can online casinos avoid being hacked?

The very first thing is to implement a strong cyber security program within the business. This can be as simple as aligning the business with the UK Governments Cyber Essentials scheme (read our guides on how to work through cyber essentials here and here). For more in-depth and comprehensive protection, engaging with a cyber security provider is essential. They can carry out regular vulnerability scans, and penetration tests and align the business with the internationally recognised ISO27001 standard.

By engaging with a cybersecurity professional or firm to conduct cyber security health checks and penetration testing you can significantly drive up the return on investment in your security. It can radically reduce the likelihood of your online casinos being hacked.

How Hedgehog Can Help

Hedgehog Security is a full service Cyber Security consultancy. We are available at all times for all your Penetration Testing requirements and consulting needs. Hedgehog Security is here to help.