Gibraltar CERT

Gibraltar CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)

Gibraltar CERT

Please bear with us. After a long time of operating on a pure volunteer level supporting the Gibraltar business community and the Government of Gibraltar, it is time to launch the dedicated web presence. The dedicated site will provide a threat and attack feed, live communication with the duty incident handler and practical information and guidance on what to do in the event of a computer emergency.

The Gibraltar CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) was established as a volunteer effort in 2017 by the Security Operations Team within Hedgehog Security to address the need for a CERT for businesses and government agencies within Gibraltar. Today, we deal with an average of 7 incidents a month. These range from targeted phishing attacks that the recipient thinks they have fallen for through to full breaches.

We currently operate two full-time desks in the Hedgehog Security Operations Center, one of which is manned 24x7x365. The CERT is headed up by Peter Bassill, who is the CERT manager.

How does the Gibraltar CERT get its data?

The Gibraltar CERT gets data from three sources. Our largest source of data is from the 9 honey pot appliances deployed within Gibraltars IP address space that are collecting attack data around the clock. Our second source of data is from Gibraltar-based businesses that provide us with attack data from their firewalls, Intrusion Prevention and other such devices. Our final source of data is from the FIRST network, the European network of Computer Emergency Response Teams. We ensure that all of our source data is correctly anonymised.

Commercial Cyber Security Help in Gibraltar

If you are looking for commercial-level Cyber Security assistance in Gibraltar, then look no further than Hedgehog Security. Hedgehog kindly funds and houses the Gibraltar CERT on City Mill Lane. They are the go-to place for Cyber Security services here in Gibraltar.

Our Mission

Our primary mission is the support of CI’s, CII’s and other sensitive infrastructures in Gibraltar on how to protect their information infrastructure assets and systems from cyber threats and incidents. Our secondary mission is to support the small and micro business community in staying safe online.


What we do:
  • Promotes sharing of unclassified information which may be useful against cyber attacks
  • Provides alerts and warnings to its constituents
  • The CERT is not a law enforcement agency
  • The CERT is not a regulator
  • We will not participate in, or interfere with, the operations of its constituents

Contact Gibraltar CERT

Contact Gibraltar CERT

Telephone: 200 31337