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Backup Script

Originally copied from about 10 years ago. Still good.

# creates backups of essential files
DATA="/home /opt"
mount /mnt/backup
set $(date)
if test "$1" = "Sat" ; then
        tar cfz "/mnt/backup/data/data_full_$6-$2-$3.tgz" $DATA
        rm -f /mnt/backup/data/data_diff*
        tar cfz "/mnt/backup/config/config_full_$6-$2-$3.tgz" $CONFIG
        rm -f /mnt/backup/config/config_diff*
        find $DATA -depth -type f \( -ctime -1 -o -mtime -1 \) -print > $LIST
        tar cfzT "/mnt/backup/data/data_diff_$6-$2-$3.tgz" "$LIST"
        rm -f "$LIST"
        find $CONFIG -depth -type f  \( -ctime -1 -o -mtime -1 \) -print > $LIST
        tar cfzT "/mnt/backup/config/config_diff_$6-$2-$3.tgz" "$LIST"
        rm -f "$LIST"

mysqldump -u root --password=mypass --opt mydb > "/mnt/backup/database/mydb_$6-$2-$3.sql"
gzip "/mnt/backup/database/mydb_$6-$2-$3.sql"
umount /mnt/backup

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