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5 ways to improve cyber security

5 ways to improve cyber security

Here areĀ 5 ways to improve cyber security. Five simple things to do today that will improve your cyber security and make you more resilient to a criminals digital attack.

Revise those password rules

Strong passwords are one of the first lines of defence against breaches and help to keep criminals out. Teach users how to create and remember strong passwords by combining three words. The only password "complexity" rule you should have is a minimum length of 16 characters, and you should only change passwords when you believe others know them.

Update regularly devices

All connections to the Internet are vulnerable. It is a crucial feature criminal elements try to exploit. Keep every device, operating system, and application up to date with patches and enhancements. Implementing software and system security updates quickly limits possible exposure to vulnerabilities.

Use VPNs for all connections

Networks that are protected only by generic security measures are more vulnerable to attack. Implement VPN connections between office locations and make their use easy for mobile employees who may connect through public Wi-Fi services.

Retire unused services

When limited-duration products expire, decommission the applications, logins, and user credentials associated with them. In cases when you don't use every available feature of a UC deployment, such as a video chat function, turn it off to further limit unauthorised access to the enterprise.

Leverage existing security options

Some applications come bundled with their security features. While it's still important to implement additional safeguards, vendors know their products and typically devote significant resources to deliver a safe environment for customers. Find out what security measures your software has and use them to the fullest extent in conjunction with other security you have in place.

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