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Data Protection

SB Tech Breach

Last week saw SB Tech Breached by the hacking group Maze. It seems that every week the group are announcing more victims.  GameOn asked our CEO Peter Bassill, to give us some insight into the attack. The GameOn article is here.

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General Electric Breach

In a surprising announcement Fortune 500 technology giant General Electric (GE), an organisation that should have this all sown up, disclosed that personally identifiable information of current and former employees, as well as beneficiaries, was exposed in a security incident experienced by one of GE’s service providers. Shock, Horror, Information Security in the supply chain yet again.

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MCA Wizard Databreach

A large volume of what is most certainly sensitive and confidential information relating to two financial companies has been found exposed online in the latest case of sysadmin or developer mistake.

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Online Casinos Data Breach

Data belonging to online casinos found exposed online on unprotected Elastic search instance, it includes info on 108 million bets and user details

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200 Million plus Chinese CVs Breach

Recently, a database comprising of over 200 million Chinese CVs was discovered online in a compromised position where it was laid bare for the dark web to devour. Naturally, it spilled explicitly detailed information.

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Unprecedented breach at Tesco Bank

On Sunday, Tesco Bank confirmed that 9000 customers had had funds removed from their accounts, in an attack which the banking regulator has described as “unprecedented in the UK”.

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