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General Electric Breach

In a surprising announcement Fortune 500 technology giant General Electric (GE), an organisation that should have this all sown up, disclosed that personally identifiable information of current and former employees, as well as beneficiaries, was exposed in a security incident experienced by one of GE’s service providers. Shock, Horror, Information Security in the supply chain yet again.

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NutriBullet Hack

NutriBullet has become the latest Magecart victim with skimmer code planted within their domain in order to steal customer financial data. RiskIQ published their research on Wednesday of this week, and it make very good reading.

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MCA Wizard Databreach

A large volume of what is most certainly sensitive and confidential information relating to two financial companies has been found exposed online in the latest case of sysadmin or developer mistake.

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Intel Vulnerability Enables Multiple Issues

Intel is warning users of a high severity flaw found within their firmware of it’s ‘Converged Security and Management Engine’ (CSME) which is used to power Intel’s ‘Active Management System’ hardware for the purpose of remote out-of-band management to consumers. This flaw could enable an attacker to conduct Privilege Escalation, Information Disclosure and Denial of Service.

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Dell SupportAssist-ing Hackers

A recent vulnerability found in Dell’s SupportaAssist software found that if exploited correctly can lead to code execution for unprivileged users. This is known as an uncontrolled search path vulnerability (CVE-2020-5316).

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Android Bluetooth Critical RCE Flaw

A recent vulnerability was found by researchers from a German security firm. Fixes are available via the Android February 2020 Security Bulletin. The bug is identified as CVE-2020-002; when exploited can result in remote-code-execution without any user interaction with elevated privileges.

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WhatsApp? WhatsPatch? WhatsCrack? | WhatsApp Critical Flaw

A security researcher by the name of Gal Weizman from PerimeterX found multiple flaws within WhatsApp that could potentially lead to remote-code-execution (RCE). The flaws enabled vulnerabilities such as Open-Redirect, Persistent-XSS, CSP-Bypass and read privileges from the Local File System (LFS).

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Google Exposed Personal Photos

It has recently been reported that not long ago, last Thanksgiving, Google had a bug which caused personal photos to be shared to complete strangers. ‘The Chocolate Factory’ made note of this issue and began notifying users that there is a bug in Google Photos data-archiving tool, Takeout.

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Handout the CacheOut

A recent finding of a microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) vulnerability within Intel’s CPU’s found by researchers have now released a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) code. This was not the only recent vulnerability found; however, it is the most severe with a Medium risk vulnerability.

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