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Gaming Security

Gaming Security sees another Casino Flatlines

Another Gaming Security story. Cache Creek Casino Resort, in northern California, has been offline since late September due to what it calls a “systems infrastructure failure”. Their computer systems were the target of an outside attack and that the incident is under investigation.

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Data Protection

SB Tech Breach

Last week saw SB Tech Breached by the hacking group Maze. It seems that every week the group are announcing more victims.  GameOn asked our CEO Peter Bassill, to give us some insight into the attack. The GameOn article is here.

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What to do When Plan-b Fails

Life has a habit of throwing curve balls at us. Unexpected events that change our daily lives. Businesses try to reduce the impact of these events and put in place contingency budgets, insurance and emergency planning documents. But what happens when those plans fail too?

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Chubb Cyber Ransomware Attack

Chubb Cyber Ransomware Attack? Really? Well yes. It seem that, according the operations of Maze Ransomware, there really was a Chubb Cyber Ransomware Attack.

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General Electric Breach

In a surprising announcement Fortune 500 technology giant General Electric (GE), an organisation that should have this all sown up, disclosed that personally identifiable information of current and former employees, as well as beneficiaries, was exposed in a security incident experienced by one of GE’s service providers. Shock, Horror, Information Security in the supply chain yet again.

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NutriBullet Hack

NutriBullet has become the latest Magecart victim with skimmer code planted within their domain in order to steal customer financial data. RiskIQ published their research on Wednesday of this week, and it make very good reading.

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Intel Vulnerability Enables Multiple Issues

Intel is warning users of a high severity flaw found within their firmware of it’s ‘Converged Security and Management Engine’ (CSME) which is used to power Intel’s ‘Active Management System’ hardware for the purpose of remote out-of-band management to consumers. This flaw could enable an attacker to conduct Privilege Escalation, Information Disclosure and Denial of Service.

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Dell SupportAssist-ing Hackers

A recent vulnerability found in Dell’s SupportaAssist software found that if exploited correctly can lead to code execution for unprivileged users. This is known as an uncontrolled search path vulnerability (CVE-2020-5316).

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