CEO & Founder

I have been in the Information Security world since 1999 and in IT in general since 1996. My work history contains a unique blended balance between the development of exceptional technical capabilities and business knowledge. I have held positions that have provided me a unique understanding of how businesses and IT align effectively with large organizations.

My background includes a substantial history of first-hand responsibilities for information systems operations, network engineering, and information security management. During my career, I have achieved numerous technical and engineering qualifications and certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). I was a community leader in Payment Card Industries Data Security Standards and in 2009 was voted runner-up in the SC Magazine's Information Security Person of the Year. I also sat as a CISO on Microsofts European CISO council for five years. IN addition to all of my professional work, I spend time as a visiting professor at a number of academic establishments lecturing in Cyber Security and Cryptography.

As part of my "giving back" mantra, I run a CTF club for young adults and people looking to get into the industry. Our CTF team is currently ranks in the top 200 of Hack the Box and regularly makes the top 20 in the DefCon hack the box contests. Presently, I am ranked in the top 100 of offensive security practioners by Microsoft and by BugCrowd.

Information Security / Cyber Qualifications

2022 - IASME Maritime Cyber Baseline Auditor
2022 - IASME IoT Auditor
2021 - IASME Governance & Data Protection Auditor
2017 - IASME CE / CE+ Auditor
2015 - Offensive Security Certified Professional (OS-6893)
2015 - CREST Registered Tester
2014 - MSc Cyber Security equivilency granted by Stanford
2011 - Chartered IT Professional
2011 - Fellow of the British Computer Society
2010 - ISO27001 Lead Auditor
2007 - ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (106014)
2007 - ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor
2005 - 7Safe Ethical Hacking Course
2005 - Certified Forensic Analyst
2005 - Certified Penetration Tester

Maritime Qualifications

2006 - MCA Commercially Endorsed Ocean Master
Ships Captain - up to 200 gross tonnes
RNLI Qualified Crew - Poole (Inshore lifeboats, Himley Hall & Dignity)
RYA Advanced Powerboat Instructor
MCA STCW10 Basic Training
STCW Security Awareness
STCW Designated Security Duties
STCW Ship Security Officer
STCW Company Security Officer
ISM Code (MSC.428 (98) Maritime Cyber Risk Management in Safety Management Systems


2022 - Naughty Internet of Yachty Things, When IoT breaks your Bridge
2019 - Secured Navigation with Rasberry Pi & Nano
2016 - What Every CEO Needs to Know about Cyber Security
2015 - IoT Revolution in the Maritime Sector
2011 - Penetration Testing with Metasploit Pro, an internal Rapid7 training course
2010 - NeXpose Training Course, a partner training course for Rapid7 Amsterdam

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