Complaints Procedure

Complaints are either non-reportable or reportable. A reportable complaint is one made by an eligible complainant (entitled to refer a complaint to CREST, the Ombudsman Service or other relevant bodies) of alleged financial loss, material distress or material inconvenience where it is not possible to resolve the complainant within twenty-four (24) hours. All other complaints are deemed non-reportable.

Hedgehog Security keeps a register for reportable and non-reportable complaints as part of our Quality Management Systems and these shall be subject to audits and monitoring of reports by any client associated with the case. These will also be accessible for any governmental or regulatory authority of any competent jurisdictions, as and when necessary.

Hedgehog Security maintains records of all complaints, together with any underlying documents, for a minimum period of three (3) years or longer, where required under any applicable law, rule or regulation, from the date of the complaint.

Once a complaint has been dealt with, the file will be reviewed by the Chair, the CEO and the Commercial Director. 

What to do in the Event of a Complaint

Take as much detail as possible, remain calm and sympathetic that the complainant is unhappy about the situation.

  • Non-Conformance Complaints recorded onto the relevant Client file within SimPRO.
  • For general complaints, create a case for the complaint on SimPRO. In Case “Type” select “Complaint” All emails and calls must be attached to the complaint case for reference and continuity.
  • Complaints will be addressed differently considering the severity of the incident that is subject to the complaint. Should it be a reportable complaint, report immediately to the client, to the CEO and the Operations Manager. Client contact details can be found within SimPRO.
  • Create an action plan with all relevant parties involved on how to deal with the complaint.
  • Keep the complainant informed of the progress being made in addressing the complaint.
  • Action the aforementioned plan in a promptly and send Annex B – Continual Learning Report.
  • Follow up after the complaint has been resolved to assess satisfaction and to ensure there are no outstanding issues.

Ensure all complaints are on the Handover–Takeover notes so the duty tester on shift knows exactly what is happening with the complaint. Due to the nature of Hedgehog Security’s business it is very possible that the complainant is in another country and therefore may telephone / email out of Central European standard office hours.


The Hedgehog Security Team will verify compliance to this policy through various methods, including but not limited to, business tool reports, internal and external audits, and feedback to the policy owner.

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